11 incredible eLearning Blogs worth the read

We've highlighted eleven eLearning-related blogs that we're frequently thankful for (and believe you might feel the same way).To make things more easily digestible we've broken down this list by subject, according to the primary focus of each blog -- General eLearning, Social Learning and Mobile Learning. So check them out.
E-Learning concept.


  1. eLearning Industry Blog: An all-time favorite! It’s run by Christopher Pappas, founder and owner of The Instructional Design and eLearning Professional Group. This is a daily source of how-insight for eLearning professionals looking for tips, resources, ideas and basically anything involved with eLearning. One of the biggest features we’re thankful for arte the lists that are regularly included to provide inspiration.
  2. Custom Training and eLearning Blog: Focuses on corporate training, workforce empowerment, successful motivation and rapid eLearning. Throughout the years they have provided instruction in training management concepts, leadership, and eLearning design to both eLearning and HR professionals. All entrepreneurs can definitely benefit by learning how to use training in a meaningful way in this age of online education.
  3. E-Learning 24/7 Blog: This blog is run by Craig Weiss, a thought leader in eLearning and social learning. You will find product reviews, forecasts, debates and discussions about revolutionary topics, clever eLearning insights and tool comparisons.  His blog aims to help eLearning professionals and eLearners understand new trends and emerging technologies.
  4. E-Learning Undercovered: The Internet is overrun with eLearning tips and advice, often making it difficult to unearth the truly worthwhile information. eLearning Undercovered cutrs through all of this noise by giving us practical advice, and making it the perfect place for finding ebooks, free resources and articles for rapid eLearning developers.
  5. Integrated Learning Services BlogEvery week, they provide insight about rapid eLearning design and development learning, including topics such as eLearning theory, process and authoring tool techiniques.
  6. The eLearning Coach: Wants to help both startup and experienced eLearning professionals by providing practical advice as well as learning theory. Connie Malamed’s blog is the perfect place to find actionable strategies, tips and tricks, practical advice and resources to supercharge your eLearning design and development skills. By reading this blog you can be sure you’re getting the best knowledge for your eLearning journey!

Social Learning

  1. INTERACTYX Social Learning Blog: This blog covers all things related to  social learning, learning management system (LMS) technology and eLearning. You’ll get access to the latest news and trends on social learning, plus tips and tricks businesses of all sizes can implement. The thing we really like about this blog is that they just go to the point on topics that sometimes can be boring, making it fun to read.
  2. Dashe & Thomson’s Social Learning Blog: This blog is written to focus on  enterprise Social Learning. The articles in this blog share information and thought leadership on enterprise learning and organizational effectiveness.  The blog covers everything from eLearning, mobile learning and social learning to technical writing, communication and change management.

Mobile Learning

  1. Creative Design of Learning Experiences: Mayra Aixa Villar passionately writes about mobile learning, responsive design, and other learning experiences. With blogs running from “Different Faces of a Single Learning Experience: Responsive Design” to “10 Great Tools For Storyboarding”, Mayra draws from his real-life experiences as instructional designer and eLearning consultant.  This blog helps will help you adapt to this new age of mobility.
  2. The MLearning Revolution Blog: Is written by RJ Jacques, who focuses on everything about m-Learning. His blog features helpful insight regarding  the rapidly changing m-Learning arena. His blog is absolutely brimming with mobile learning and education technology content. Totally recommended!
  3. Float Mobile LearningA popular blog that provides consulting and information to developers and educators, hoping to know more and be updated about what mobile technology. Their blog not only sheds a right fair amount of light on the m-learning movement, but discusses the super neat apps and developments they’ve made via partnerships.


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E-Learning concept.

11 incredible eLearning Blogs worth the read

We’ve highlighted eleven eLearning-related blogs that we’re frequently thankful for (and believe you might feel the same way).To make things more easily digestible we’ve broken down this list by subject, according to the primary focus of each blog — General eLearning, Social Learning and Mobile Learning. So check them out.